About the journal “Adviser to Lawyer”

Published since 2010 by the publishing house “Business and service” журнал "Советник юриста"

The journal “Adviser to Lawyer” is intended for the information support of legal activity and has a purely practical orientation. To help judges, prosecutors, lawyers, legal counsels. Proven techniques of conduct of complicated as well as of the most typical court cases are published. The problems of procedural documents and court cases are revealed. The new in legislative and court practice is operatively commented.

Sections of the journal:

- Criminal law and criminology.
- Penal law
- Criminal procedure. Criminalistics.
- Theory operatively-search activity
- Civil law. Family law.
- Civil process. Private international law
- Labor law. Social security law
- Theory and history of state and law.
- History of political and legal doctrines
- Judicial interpretation
- Actual legislation
- In help legal counsel
- Question-answer
- Annexes

The journal is intended for:

- representatives of the legal profession- judges, lawyers, jurists, legal counsels, investigators;
- lecturers, graduate and undergraduate students of law degrees;
- category of people, independently defending their rights in the law enforcement and juridical organs.

Chief Editor - Chashin Alexander Nikolaevich, Associate Professor of the Theory and History of State and Law VO «Northeastern State University», PhD. escr@mail.ru

List of Editorial Board of "Adviser to Lawyer"
Chashin Alexander
, PhD, Chairman of the Editorial Board
Suspitzina Tatiana , PhD , Vice-Chairman of the Editorial Board
Rad`ko Timofey, Doctor of Law, Professor
Isaev Igor, Doctor of  Law, Professor
Moiseev Evgeniy, Doctor of  Law, Professor
Ryzhakov Alexander, PhD, Professor
Lapaeva Valentina, LLD, Associate Professor
Shevchenko Olga, Doctor of Law

We would be pleased to hear your remarks, commentaries and wishes concerning the content of the publication! You can reach us at the following address s1@dis.ru or by phone: (499) 148-99-70. Also we have mailing address: Publishing «Business and Service», P.O.Box 6 «DIS», 121096, Moscow, Russian Federation

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